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Hi, Capchase Team! 👋🏽 I'm DeAndrea, and I want to be your Product Marketing Lead.

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Go to Market Execution & Rapid Experimentation

FundBoard Director of Growth • 2020–21
Led growth experiments for the organization. Maintained greater than 50% Month over Month user growth post-beta launch. Example experiments I led: paid marketing, referrals, email nurturing, A/B tests, partnerships, events, and more.
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Built a founder community of thousands across several platforms. Developed Brand Voice, SEO, Social, Newsletter, and managed freelance writers.

Skilled at Leading Technical & Non-Technical Teams

Township Agency: PM • 2019-2020
Managed and worked directly with engineering and design teams to produce high-quality products that exceeded client expectations. Removed lynchpins that resulted in increased revenue and client satisfaction.

My Tool Stack at Township:

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Entrepreneur & Skilled Relationship Builder

Renewable Energy Transition Initiative: Founder, CEO • 2013-2019
Created exponential growth in organizational/mission awareness and operating funds. Closed Business Development deals with executives at Fortune 50 companies. Much of RETI's work centered around community building. One of our events is seen below.
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