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Hi, Team. Long time fan & I want to be a jack of all trades to expand your growth and community.

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Passion for the mission: Writing block or hitting a plateau, we've all been there. Unlocking nonstop brainstorming power for companies to get their first dollar of revenue online is something I not only get behind but love. And, on a personal note, I appreciate your companies thoughtful approach towards scholarships. An scholarship was extremely helpful to my husband during the early days of COVID.
Because of my passion for the mission and my adaptability I'm willing to plug in for whatever the company needs. However, I've already thought up a few ways I can drive value from day one. But, I'd rather show you than tell you 🙂

Atlassian, JIRA

Lead Designer • UX / UI / Mentorship • 2016–17
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I led a series of workshops, customer interviews and design spikes to produce a fresh new take on JIRA.
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Facebook Groups

Lead Designer • UX / UI • 2015–16
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Quick user research told me that what customers want from a type foundry website is a way to test out typefaces as soon as possible.
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