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Hi Pipe Team, I want to help unlock revenue as an asset class as your next Director of Content.

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Passion for the mission: After doing over 100 founder fundraising chats, I saw the growing need for founders to scale their businesses with more optionality and less (preferably, no) dilution. The work that is Pipe is doing is something I can wholeheartedly get behind. However, furthermore, I think my previous work aligns well with your needs at Pipe. A few highlights below...

Rally internal teams to deliver results.

Township Agency• PM • 2019-20
At Township Agency, one of the products I managed went from being the agency's smallest client to ⅛ of the company’s revenue (recurring). This resulted in approximately a 3,700% increase in revenue.

How I spearheaded this:

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Platform Analysis and Build Out

Lead Designer • UX / UI • 2015–16

Content Experience

Lead Designer • UX / UI • 2015–16
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Quick user research told me that what customers want from a type foundry website is a way to test out typefaces as soon as possible.
Published Work:

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